This is how nerd fight looks likeWhen nerds start to fightHudo.com, before 6 year4.836 views1 comment


i'm nerdy and i know itNERD TIME Don't desturb me mom, im in...Fakhrul Mohamad, before 7 year10.823 views2 comments


When you are bored at math class :)When you are bored at math class :)Hudo.com, before 5 year1.265 views0 comments


Can you find the "intruder" in the picture? :)Can you find the...Hudo.com, before 6 year2.304 views1 comment


Did this happened to you at least once?The most simple things are the most...Hudo.com, before 7 year3.887 views1 comment
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