Ronnie, McAllen, Jimmy, Bobby and Steve lived together with their mother. One day, Jimmy called his mom. "Mom!" he shouted. His mother came running. "What's wrong, sweetie?" she asked. "I flushed a bomb down the toilet," he replied. At the same moment, a loud crackle came from the bathroom. His mom ran to fix the toilet. Fortuantely, there where still 7 bathrooms left, and 6 more bombs. The next day, Ronnie wailed, "Mommy! I flushed a bomb down the toilet!" And so his mother darted towards the second bathroom and fixed it. The day after, McAllen screamed, "Mom! I flushed a bomb down the toilet!" His mother slapped her face with her hand, but still rushed towards the restroom and fixed it again. After that day, Steve hollered, "Mommy! I flushed a bomb down the toilet!" And the poor mother sped to the bathroom and fixed it.

A day later, Bobby yelled, "Mommy!" His mother hurried towards him, sweat dripping from her forehead. "What is it, honey? Don't tell me you flushed a bomb down the toilet." "No mommy." Bobby said, smiling. "A fly caught a spider and I tried to get the fly and I fell and burped and the cat barked and farted up the tree and the dog meowed and puked and ran to the middle of the road and got crushed by a Jeep."

When you put a bomb in a toilet

Jayena Li, before 8 year @ Naughty

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