A man go to the beach and sees a girl i a weel chair. The girl was crying. The man said whats wrong. She said i haved been huged befor. The man said what the hech whhy not. He gives her a hug. The next day he gos back to the beach and saw the same girl cry harder then befor and he said now whats wrong. She said i have never kissed any one. The man said what the heck why not. Then the next day he saw the SAME girl crying even harder then the last time and said now what the f$%* is wrong with you now b!$*h. She said i  have never been f$%*ed befor. So the man picked her up and throw her in the water and then said now your   f$%*ed b!$*h........ LOLZZZ

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wach what u say

Ash Oneill, before 8 year @ Naughty

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