Okay, so your really really bored lazing about on the sofa with nothing to do on a hot day. You want something to do so what you do is you decide drink a thousand tones of cans of beer. So you are so interested with this new idea that you race to the fridge and drink and drink, and you've guessed it drink. You then become very tired so you fall asleep. You wake up and it's the same boring hot sunny day as you fell asleep on. You are yet again bored. You come up with this new fantastid idea of drinking more beer. So you make oof those half- drumrolls before racing to the kitchen. You drink all of the remaining beer. You are by now very drunk (and not to mention tired) so you decide to go to bed. You wake up to arguing. You hear two unfamiliar voices. A lady's and a man's. "YOU DRUNK ALL OF THE BEER!" the lady says.
"I DID NOT!" the man says.
"SHAME ON YOU FOR LYING!" The lady says.
"OH MUM!" The man says.
"Come on let's go bed." The lady says.
"Finally!" The man says.

They stomp upstairs only to see you lying in their bed (Luckily no longer drunk).
You then realize that you were never even in your own house. You were in your neigbours all along. You are now scrating around for money because almost all of your prossesions have been taken off of you and you no longer have a home.

Hows that for a fairy tale?

To Drunk To Be At Home

sophiestaggsuffolk, before 8 year @ Other

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